MusicOur Academy offers group and private lessons in:

  • Voice
  • Guitar*
  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Violin*
  • Flute*
  • Clarinet*
  • Saxophone*

*Students are responsible for bringing their own instruments, we may stock them for you to purchase.

Piano & Keyboards

A favourite for many students and often referred to as the basis of all musical training, the piano is an instrument found in all parts of the world. Our classes are for beginner to advanced learners.


Review the basics of how to play the violin including how to hold the violin and violin bow, violin tuning, violin finger placement and violin fingering charts; find out how to take care of your violin, change violin strings and rosin your violin bow; learn new violin bowing skills and violin technique, and discover how to choose a violin, find a violin teacher, and practice effectively

Singing Lessons

Students will learn breathing techniques, pitch, voice control, stage presence and emerge with an extensive knowledge of songs to sing in front of differing crowds. For beginner to advanced learners.


For beginners and first time guitar users. Beginning Guitar teaches you proper finger positioning, reading music, practice habits and ear training. Both acoustic and electric guitar classes are available.

Advanced Guitar

Learn music theory, creative soloing, and stage presence. In addition play songs from a CD for both electric and acoustic guitars. Learn different music styles including pop, rock, and blues, jazz and classical.

Percussion & Drums

Learn the basics of rhythm on a drum set and other percussive instruments. For beginner to advanced learners.

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

Students will specialize in one of these wind instruments. The lessons will teach your child the proper position for holding the instrument' they will focus on embouchure (the way you shape your mouth while playing), sound repertoire, finger placement, and music reading. This is a great class to refine the skills of those who already play in a school band.

Group music classes for beginners (Ages 7-12 - Spaces limited - maximum 6 students/group)

Due to popular demand, we are now offering small group classes to beginners. This is a great way to give beginners a taste-test of a particular instrument. They will learn simple techniques and the beginnings of reading music. Once they are more comfortable, they can move on to private classes to fine tune their learning.

Group percussion

Monday: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Students will start their journey into the world of beats and rhythms through drums, tambourines, clapping, vocal percussion, and other percussive tools.

Group piano class

Tuesday: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Students will learn the basics of playing a keyboard and piano. They will learn the ABCs of music reading through popular songs.

Group guitar

Wednesday: 5:00 - 6:00 pm
Students will begin with simple chords and progress to finger plucking fun, easy-to-learn melodies.


Friday: 4:30 - 5:30 pm
This highly professional Broadway style class includes dancing, singing and acting. Explorations of all art forms will be the technique for success in this class. Anywhere from Pop, Rock, Blues, Classical to different forms of international music will be explored. Glee students will also the chance to perform at the end of the year (to show off their talents).