Out of School Hour's Academic Programs

Teaching approach

•  Unlike a day school or some other educational organisations, the Express Learning Centre provides a different teaching method and approach. We do not follow a timetabled course that is delivered to a group of pupils.

•  All Tutors are trained and are fully conversant with the National curriculum.  They are knowledgeable about current teaching methods. Our maximum ratio of pupil to teacher is low – just the right balance between individual attention and independent learning.

Their mainstream school is a successful mechanism for educating a group of pupils, but on occasions some pupils may experience difficulties due to the restrictions of teaching to a large group in a tight timetable. We cater for these children and help them to ‘catch up’.

•  Some pupils may not grasp certain topics and in a set timetable in mainstream school, it may be difficult to go back and review areas that need more attention. This can hinder their further studies for they may not be tooled with the basic building blocks. We help them to grasp the topics.

•  For some pupils, time may be spent working on subjects of which they have full comprehension and so they could actually benefit from being pushed further ahead. In summary, one shoe does not fit all.

At Express Learning Centre, we aim to compliment the essential work of a pupil’s day’s school by helping students with difficulties or those who want to achieve higher goals. To find out more about our tailored approach. please click here to fill out the form

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