Express Learning Centre was formally opened officially, in Feb 2007, by the Mayor of Milton Keynes, England.
The founder, Lola Alli had been tutoring pupils for years at her home before it became too small to contain them all. She has a unique approach and draws upon an impressive career of teaching youngsters through to adults. She is also a qualified teacher and a Law School postgraduate.

She is Certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant, by The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette.

Competent in presenting seminars and briefings on business etiquette, dining skills and international protocol: specialising in corporate and dining etiquette.

Certified Children’s Etiquette Consultant, The Etiquette & Leadership Institute, the industry leader in children’s etiquette and leadership. Trained to present programs on etiquette, leadership skills, dining skills and social dance for ages 8 to 22 and interviewing skills for young adults.

Certified Etiquette Consultant for 'The Etiquette Factory' - Also Licence Owner for several states within Nigeria.