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We believe that confidence, enthusiasm and independence are as important as academic progress to a child’s development, an ethos which is at the heart of Express Learning Centre’s approach.

We currently offer the following subjects:

Express Learning Centre Academy

We strive to create in each student a positive self-esteem and a love for the arts that will last them a lifetime.

Under the direction of the finest teachers of performing arts tutors, we offer you the best tuition in dance, music and acting lessons.

Our goal is to provide you with an education as well as an enjoyable experience.

Our studio offers various dances, music and acting lessons to students of all ages.

After school or on Saturday's, our dance studio and our music rooms are busy with eager children and teens, dancing, acting, singing and playing musical instruments.

Musical instruments taught at ELC Academy include piano, guitar, violin, drums, flute, saxophone, and more. We also offer voice lessons and Musical Theatre Classes.

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