Three phase learning system

Stage 1 Etiquette for Beginners Combo 


Etiquette for Beginners is a 12 week program designed for home-school, pre-school, or any elementary classroom setting. This is not just a program, it's an experience! Teachers, mums and children will enjoy and thrive in this unique learning environment. Each week your children will master a new etiquette skill by using songs, stories, games, crafts, yummy treats and kind discussion.


Stage 2 Etiquette Intermediate

Etiquette Intermediate is 125 days of short, concise, yet vital lessons to help your child (ren) master the art of proper manners and social skills. Now, here's the good part...this book is “child taught,” not “mom taught.” Yes, that's right. Each day your student will read the lesson and then that child will teach the family or the class the etiquette skill. The daily activity is usually role playing the skill or a game or further discussion. This book is fun, easy and absolutely brilliant. It will soon become an invaluable treasure to your family and classroom.



Stage 3 Etiquette Masters

After your teen learns the basics in Etiquette, from Etiquette Intermediate, allow them to fine tune their skills with Etiquette Masters.

Etiquette Masters gives your teen invaluable insight on etiquette in dating, job hunting, employment and even being a future roommate. This is a short, easy to ready handbook with lasting results. Every teen should read this BEFORE they begin dating, working or going off to college.

At the Etiquette Factory, we know that parents have worked hard to instil these qualities in their children. Sometimes, it just really helps when they hear it again from someone besides mom and dad.